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Company Information

Enter your company's brief description.
Enter the general objective of your brand. What is the value proposition you offer to the market? E.g. Bringing public transportation to all communities...
Enter the values that represent your brand.

Objectives to be achieved in your Social Channels

Every brand has a business objective in mind, what is yours? Select which of the following objectives best suits your brand's current needs.
a) Recognition: This objective is intended to make your brand known, it is the first stage for those brands that have not achieved the necessary recognition within the industry. This objective is recommended for new brands or brands that have been in the market for many years but are not yet recognized in their industry. How to identify that your brand needs recognition? Ask people that you consider a potential customer if they know the product know such a product and what brand they recommend to buy that product.

a) Consideration: This objective aims to generate traffic to a website, create databases and generate interaction with the databases and generate interaction with the audience, this objective is recommended for those brands that already have a recognition achieved with a good base of followers that provide value (not fake followers) to the brand or for those brands that use social networks as a first phase of contact and want to guide their followers to an external platform (app, videos, websites, streaming, etc.).

a) Conversion: This objective is the one that most brands are looking for because it translates to sales (profits) but it is important to know how to identify that your brand is in the right stage to achieve this goal. How to identify if my brand is in the conversion stage?
  1. You have a strong base of followers that bring value to your brand.
  2. You have a solid database and you have clearly identified your target market.
  3. You are in the top of mind of your followers.
  4. You have a reliable sales platform and all the tools you need to
  5. You have a solid database and have clearly identified your target market.
  6. You are able to measure your investment.

Brand Social Networks

Mark with a check mark the social networks that your brand currently has.

Buyer Persona or Target Customer

Every brand has one or more types of potential customers, what is yours? Enter in the box below the type of customer you want to reach with your brand strategies. More information about how to create a Buyer Persona.
E.g. Men and women from Los Angeles, Texas, New York and Arizona, ranging from 25 to 45 years old. They tend to travel twice a year and have no children. Their goal is to enjoy their wealth without worrying about health issues, money is not an issue for them. They have difficulty ...

Competitors o Brands to follow

Enter the name and link of your competitor's website or of one or several brands that you consider represent correctly the service or products that you offer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Enter the most frequently asked questions and answers about your products or services.
Ex. 1) What is the cost of service #1? A: The cost is...

Contact Channels

What is the channel through which your customer contacts you most frequently?
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