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Tourism Marketing vs Coronavirus

It is not new that the pandemic known as “Coronavirus” is affecting the tourism sector more than expected, and that each day it advances, more panic is generated in society through fictitious statements and news from third parties that more than prevent and inform, put you away from the truth.

On this occasion, we want to support companies in the sector to take early action on the subject with these simple tips.

How should I start countering “Coronavirus”?

The most prudent thing in these cases is to make a statement about it, in which you mention what each area of your company is doing (if it’s a large company) or your workgroup (if it’s a small company).

Begin with a short introduction that really mentions specific actions that the client takes into account in order to decide on taking your service.

What should this release look like?

“Right now, Coronavirus is dominating the news and we know that you are watching its progress. We wanted to inform you that we are continuously implementing improved protocols to guarantee your safety and the safety of your family […]” (This part reflects empathy and at the same time a sense of knowledge on the subject).

“We are closely monitoring the guidance of the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control regarding the spread of the virus. Our focus is to make sure we meet your needs while doing our part to support you, our employees and our community safety […] ” (This second paragraph mentions a top authority on the subject to create a sense of security.)

Use all your communication channels

It is very important that you can use all your communication channels, from your daily email or Newsletter, in which you give weekly or monthly follow-up to your clients (if you don’t currently have an Email Marketing strategy, we will gladly support you with a completely free consulting) up to your Social Media Calendar / Program, in which it is important that you use the tools that each one provides you (hashtags, location, etc).

Important Notice: In support of the Los Cabos business community, At Cabo Marketing we have chosen to provide free consultancies via phone or WhatsApp in any Marketing and / or Advertising service. We hope that we can be of use to you and your company in these difficult times.


tourism marketing vs coronavirus responsible company talking about the pandemic

Brief conclusion

Remember that the most important thing is to understand your client. What needs does he have? What is he thinking right now? How can you support him from your company’s point of view? These and many more questions will arise when you think of them.

If you need help with any Marketing or Advertising service, remember that you have our totally free face-to-face consulting program, with which we achieve what really matters, that companies in Los Cabos know what they can do with the resources they already have without having to spend thousands of dollars.


Tourism Marketing vs Coronavirus (Make the right decisions)
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Tourism Marketing vs Coronavirus (Make the right decisions)
It is not new that the pandemic known as "Coronavirus" is affecting the tourism sector more than expected, and that each day it advances, more panic...
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Agencia Cabo Marketing
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